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How to download your NIN order
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When you purchase an order that includes digital files you will see a "Thank You" page that includes a button labeled "download your digital files."


If you miss that, you will also receive 2 emails: one is a receipt email and the other is a confirmation email with download links. In the confirmation email you’ll see the product name followed by this statement: "You can download your digital products from" and a link.


Your downloads will include zip files. If you have not changed your default browser settings, any files you download will automatically go into your Downloads folder on your computer. Locate your Downloads folder to find your files. You can then import your files into iTunes or another audio player, or transfer the files to a device.


ATTENTION iPad and iPhone users: You cannot download directly to an iPad or iPhone. To play your files on your device, download them first to your computer and then upload the files to your device using iTunes.

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